mediainfo 25.02

Review: mediainfo 25.02 – A Comprehensive Media Information Tool

MediaInfo 25.02 is a powerful and comprehensive media information tool that allows users to retrieve detailed technical information about audio and video files. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a media professional, or just a curious user, this program offers an impressive range of features to satisfy your needs. In this review, we’ll explore the key aspects of MediaInfo 25.02 and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.


MediaInfo 25.02 offers a plethora of useful features that make it an indispensable tool for media analysis and troubleshooting. Some of its notable features include:

  • File Analysis: MediaInfo 25.02 provides in-depth information about various media file formats, including audio and video codecs, bit rates, frame rates, resolutions, and more. This allows users to understand the technical specifications of a media file quickly.
  • Export Options: The program allows users to export media information in various formats, making it easy to share or store the data for future analysis.
  • Batch Processing: MediaInfo 25.02 supports batch processing, enabling users to analyze multiple files simultaneously. This saves time and effort for users dealing with large media libraries.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The program’s interface is clean and intuitive, with a simple layout that makes it easy for users to navigate and access the necessary information effortlessly.


There are several reasons why MediaInfo 25.02 stands out as a top choice for media enthusiasts:

  • Comprehensive Information: MediaInfo 25.02 provides extensive technical details about media files, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of their multimedia content.
  • Multiplatform Support: The program is available for Windows, macOS, and various Linux distros, making it accessible to a wide range of users across different operating systems.
  • Regular Updates: MediaInfo 25.02 is actively maintained and regularly updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest media formats and codecs.
  • Open-Source Nature: Being an open-source tool, MediaInfo 25.02 is free to use and allows users to contribute to its development or customize it according to their needs.


While MediaInfo 25.02 offers a myriad of benefits, it’s important to consider its limitations:

  • Advanced Knowledge Required: MediaInfo 25.02 provides highly detailed technical information, which may not be suitable for casual users seeking a simple overview of their media files. It is more geared towards media professionals or tech-savvy users.
  • Limited Editing Capabilities: While the program excels at analyzing media files, it lacks advanced editing features that some users might require for media manipulation.


MediaInfo 25.02 is an exceptional media information tool that offers an abundance of features and benefits for users in need of detailed technical analysis of their media files. Its comprehensive information, user-friendly interface, and cross-platform compatibility make it a reliable choice for media professionals and enthusiasts alike. However, casual users seeking a simpler overview of their media files might find the program overwhelming. Overall, MediaInfo 25.02 is highly recommended for individuals seeking a robust and reliable media information tool.